Vision & Mission


Excel in providing unique services to the industries.


To be competitive and innovative without compromising safety and quality.

Barakah Offshore Petroleum Berhad (“Barakah”) was established on 1 March 2012 as an investment holding company for PBJV Group Sdn. Bhd. (“PBJV Group”) (established on 24 August 2000) and its numerous subsidiaries, and was listed in November 2013 on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. Its success was evidenced by its unwavering commitment to quality and the deliverance of results, as well as its superior technical expertise and capacity to address challenges in a manner that exceeded its clients' expectations.

PBJV Group began offering Pipeline Pre-commissioning services to the Oil & Gas industry in August 2000. Over the years, the company has expanded its core competencies, and it is now one of the largest participants in the oil and gas industry. PBJV Group has achieved the following notable work accomplishments while adhering to world-class standards and practices, utilizing a variety of capabilities:-

Barakah is committed to its goal of " Providing Exceptional Services to the Industries with Full Compliance of QHSE and Achieving On-Time Schedule" by leveraging its expensive expertise, capabilities and resources.

  • Over 330 km of offshore rigid pipe-lay (S-lay), with pipeline diameters ranging from 10" to 24";

  • A total of over 115 km of onshore pipelines, with diameters ranging from 8" to 36";

  • Over 8,500 km of Pipeline Pre-commissioning services with a variety of pipeline sizes and lengths;

  • Cables and flexible pipe laying over a distance of 38 km;

  • Installed one of the heaviest Offshore Topside (Float-over) structures, weighing approximately 19,000 MT;

  • Platform Riser Guards installation in quantities greater than 19 units;

  • The installation of a variety of Water Pipelines, including the effluent outfall pipelines;

  • Surface-tow installation of more than 1.1 km of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) water pipeline;

  • Pipe-in-Pipe Pulling: RTP Offshore installation, the longest in Malaysia at 17 km;

  • Installation of more than 6 pipeline subsea spools, including pipeline sectional replacements using mechanical connectors and the SMART Flange methods;

  • Completed many Subsea Pipeline repairs and rectifications using the PLIDCO Clamps;

  • Delivered more than 10 Pipeline Shore Approach & Swampy area Projects (Beach Pull, Push-Pull and Barge Pull methods);

  • Carried out Pipeline/Seabed rectification via Rock Dumping method; and

  • Completed more than 16 km of Pipeline Pre and Post-Trenching jobs using mechanical trenching and/or the water-jetting methods.

Our Business activities are:

Transportation & Installation (T&I)

Topside Major Maintenance, and Hook-up and Commissioning(HUC)

Engineering, Procurement, Constructon & Commissioning(EPCC)

Pipeline Services

Underwater Insepection & Services

Chartering Ispection & Services

Yard & Equipments


Due to increased market challenges and competition, Barakah and its subsidiaries are looking at new technologies and forming new partnerships to enhance their capabilities. These developments have the potential to capture additional capabilities and business revenues from Malaysian and international industries.

Barakah is committed to its goal of "Providing Exceptional Services to the Industries with Full Compliance of QHSE and Achieving On-Time Schedule" by leveraging its extensive expertise, capabilities, and resources.

Thank you.

Dato’ Sri Nik Hamdan bin Daud
Group President & Chief Executive Officer