Sustainability Strategy

Barakah’s Sustainability Policy is focused on delivering lasting value to stakeholders and the Company. It guides us in pursuing economic growth while monitoring our environmental impact and upholding corporate social responsibility. The policy is built on four pillars: workplace, marketplace, environment, and community.

Workplace Development

Ensuring that the Company's business is governed by a professional code of conduct.

Marketplace Development

Ensuring a positive workplace, providing continuous development, and tranining for our employees.


Protecting the enviroment by reducing negative enviromental impacts


Interacting with the communities and contributing to the underpriviledged.


Our sustained commitment to the welfare of our community is carried out through our annual community outreach programmes which become permanent fixtures in our operating budget and calendar, our project related community engagement programmes and our ad hoc disaster relief efforts. We have annual budget and programs for under privileged children, that includes organizing celebration together and supporting their education for long term development of human capital.

Employee Training and Development

Our holistic approach aims at strengthening skill-sets for optimal performance and professional growth while grooming the next generation of leaders by specific on-the-job guidance by management and senior staff.

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Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety is important to us and we adhere strongly to standard operating procedures to minimise injuries at the workplace. We encourage our staff to follow the best HSE practice. Our HSE motto, “Think Family, Work Safely” is the cornerstone of Barakah culture.

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Employee Welfare

We organise social and recreational activities on a regular basis to foster strong camaraderie within the Company and enhance their well-being at personal levels. We promote healthy lifestyle among our staff through regular sport activities, and health and safety talks.

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We are continuously uphold our responsibility towards enviroment through energy & emissions management, water management and waste management. Go-Green Campain is part of Company's initiatives in spreading awareness on enviromental among employees.